Trump Trump

The Republican Party is going awry. Its leading candidate is promoting anti-republican ideas:

Where is the « res publica »( the common thing) in such an agenda?

How come so many people have become Trump addicts?

There might be a connection with the way they have been misinformed by many Main Street media.

Who owns those media?

How can such ideas be trumped before implementation?

Acknowledging Trump as a powerful embodiment of Babbitt is a first step:

A second step is to remind voters that Trump’s agenda is the opposite of Thomas Paine’s ideals:

Modern Prometheus: Thomas Paine and Our New American Revolution

Considering America’s clout, the oncoming presidential election matters for all the citizens of the world wherever they may live. This is particularly true about climate change, which is a global issue. Here, Trump’s stance looks like a bar room debate:

2017 addendum: he was elected and he is implementing his agenda without taking other stances into account. Go on trumping Trump before freedom becomes trumpdom.

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  1. patrick datez dit :

    sorry mon ami, mais je speack french…

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